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vizcamp2013 featured two musicians (vibes, guitar) and two visualists (electroslate, skypad). Going into camp, the goal was to not only have the performers all playing at the same time, but also playing together. Playing together means looking at and listening to each other so that the patterns each performer creates immediately reflect and respond to what the others are playing.

The four performers started feeling each other out on Friday afternoon, and then had their first session Friday night. Saturday afternoon there was discussion on what had happened, what they wanted to have happen next time, and how to effect movement in that direction. Thoughts were thought; change was contemplated. And then Saturday evening was the final performance, which turned out very well.

In the clip below, guitar (music), electroslate (visual), and skypad (visual) jam together.

Performers: Julius Smith, guitar; Daivd Tristram, electroslate (colored line work); Warren Stringer, skypad (large monochrome patterns, Warren's monitor is just visible in the lower right corner of your screen).

More details on the vizcamp2013 weekend:

Anatomy of a visual/musical jam session


Vizcamp2 attendees also greatly enjoyed the Skytent installation by artist Melissa Lofton on the deck of Rainbow House

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