The kids of are into something new      Sidecasting!

On the third Saturday afternoon of each month, a different group of youngsters from puts on a live performing graphics show at Veli's Graphics Bar in West Oakland. The visual band for this Saturday is The Truthing Sidecasters Live Visual Blogging Crew. They're fast, they're good, and they're after the facts. Mix with local politics and the result is bound to be trouble. Also, very entertaining.

Download first 3 chapters of Sidecasters.

Sidecasters is the second novel in the Veli's Graphics Bar series. The first one is Live Graphics Nightly, and book three is Viztopia.

Q: Hey, you just made up a lot of those words! You can't do that.

A: That's not a question. And, yeah, I can. Here's why (spoiler alert)

About the Author ...

once got an MFA in design and decided to build an instrument for text graphic improvisation. So he learned to program, fell in love with LISP, invented a truly visual form of LISP, spent a year as a visitor at the Stanford AI lab, and another year as a visitor in the smalltalk group at Xerox PARC. Then he founded The Performing Graphics Company. Then he worked at Stanford's Center for Design Research and the NASA AI Lab. Now he lives in a cabin in the mountains and writes novels about Veli's Graphics Bar.

... and ventured down the hill to do a book reading at SXSW 2009 in Austin.

Lakin also writes non fiction: Visual Grammars for Visual Languages and other Graphic Stories    

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