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The Performing Graphics Company offers for sale Webmacs, the same software used by our telefacilitators when they do computer graphic meeting recording. Webmacs is a very agile graphical editor for Web pages. And Webmacs provides a complete environment for the creation and manipulation of text-graphic images during collaborative work.

As a performing medium, Webmacs allows users to manually generate and manipulate text-graphic images very rapidly in a visual environment which supports document layout, hypermedia links, html authoring, email, scanned images, animations, and visual&textual programming. Webmacs is an extension of the vmacs text-graphic editor.

Facilitation Tool

Webmacs was designed as a facilitation tool from the start. Webmacs is first and foremost a performance instrument, with great emphasis on agility. Agility is an absolute necessity if you are going to push text and graphics around the screen fast enough to keep up with group discussions. It is our goal to have the fastest Web page editor on the net, and to our knowledge we do [all challenges accepted].

Second, Webmacs is also a processing tool for organizing and analyzing the text-graphics that are produced during a facilitation session. Text-graphic processing includes visual language understanding and translation of images into a number of formats like PostScript, raw text, Adobe Illustrator files, and of course html.

The initial target for Webmacs users is professional facilitators; the first interface was designed for their special needs. However, a "consumer interface" is in the works. Webmacs can be run on a variety of platforms including PCs, Suns, SGI, DEC and HP.

If you are interested in using Webmacs, it would help us to help you if we knew know more about your application. Please look over these questions about Webmacs usage. Thanks.


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