Bonus opinion:

The Stigma of Audio-Only Teleconferencing 

I asked a friend of mine if his company ever did teleconferencing, and he replied "Oh no, we're too small for that" [100 people work at his company]. Then much later I happened to ask if they ever made conference calls, and he said, "Oh yeah, all the time. And then afterwards someone will spend a couple of hours writing up the notes and FAXing them to all the other participants."

Two points here. First, his company was not big enough to do teleconferencing because they could not afford the two-way video and/or Internet hardware, special lines, and software that have come to mean teleconferencing.

And second, note that distributing text-graphic records of a meeting by FAX is already a common practice. Right now it takes place after the fact, but with the same expenditure of human time and energy, it could just as easily take place during the meeting instead. And if the notes were FAXed out live during the meeting, then there would be substantial added advantage: the notes would provide immediate feedback for use by the participants as an on-going process check, and also serve as a shared framework of content details so that everyone would be on the same page.