Action Items and Conclusions of the VTF Project

Action Items Of The VTF Project 

1. Start doing grass roots VTF immediately.

Preliminary tests indicate that FAX-based VTF is convenient and effective.

2. Experiment with VTF methodology for telegroups with higher level equipment.

Work is also underway using the Web to distribute Meeting Maps. See examples at:


Visual Telefacilitation is an open system framework for increasing the effectiveness of teleconferences. VTF employs text-graphic meeting recording, where the detailed content of a telemeeting is continuously recorded and distribruted to all participants. VTF can be done using any text-graphic telecommunication medium, from FAXes to the Web to Net-shared writing&drawing tools.

The windows on a desktop model provides the basis for a Visual Telefacilitation Infrastructure. Conventions will arise out of and for the practice of VTF, developing into a social structure which will work across all levels of equipment and provide sufficient commonality for communication within the diversity.

Grass roots VTF is just FAXes and phones: paper FAXes laid out on a table during audio teleconferencing.

More exotic hardware and software can be used for VTF, but they must justify themselves against FAXes and phones.