The Two Dimensions of TVF

The Two Dimensions Of VTF  

When Visual Telefacilitation is introduced into teleconferencing groups, the resulting changes can be seen as taking place in two separate dimensions    that of the Equipment System and the Social System [figure 2]. The units for these axes are equipment cost and social change.

Figure 2. The two dimensions of Visual Telefacilitation

Different places on these two axes will define different points and resulting styles of Visual Telefacilitation. The VTF project is particularly focused on two areas:

1. The style of VTF that can be done with the least expensive (and thus most readily available) equipment, and with the least social change. This is "grass roots VTF," the level-0,0 style portrayed in figure 1.

2. The smooth upward compatibility of grass roots VTF with styles requiring more exotic quipment and/or more social change in the teleconferencing group.