A Performing Medium for Working Group Graphics


11.3 On What Can't Be Measured   The most important part of a text-graphic performance may be the hardest to measure. Text-graphics for working groups is important at all because it is expressive of the group's task. Some of the expression takes place in the static image content, and is relatively easy to measure. And yet finally, to return to the initial characterization of the phenomenon of working group graphics as being like dance, the most effective expressive quality may be the hardest to isolate scientifically: the quality of movement of the text-graphics 9. If each visual event is under full expressive control of the performer, then nuances of phrasing and timing may strike the audience very forcibly, but be very hard to measure. To algorithmically measure the full effect of a performance may be like trying to write a program to measure the effectiveness of a piece of music.

9 This is point is directly due to conversations with Gayle Curtis and Margo Apostolos on robot ballet.