A Performing Medium for Working Group Graphics


1.1 Examples

Blackboard Figure 1: engineers in the early Sixties working together on a common display for the entire design process, taking projects all the way from brainstorming to machine drawings which were then sent to the shop as polaroid prints [TAB62]. Duration: unknown. Operator: multiple. Style: "Panoramic Design."

Figure 1. Engineers in the early Sixties doing "Panoramic Design" on a blackboard.

Large sheet paper graphics Figure 2: concept exploration session for interdisciplinary mix of computer scientists and cognitive rehabilitation engineers; text and graphics manipulated by professional facilitator [Sibbet84]. Recorded on video tape, and also in 35mm slides. Duration: 40 minutes. Operator: single. Style: "Mapping state of the art."

Figure 2. Concept exploration on a large sheet of paper operated by professional facilitator.

Manipulable card paper graphics Figure 3: problem definition session with working group from US Geological Survey; group generates key phrases in brainstorm, organizes them using spatial juxaposition and movable line networks [Lakin74] 1. Recorded in 35mm slides. Duration: 90 minutes. Operator: mulitple. Style: "Group Concept Growth."

Figure 3. Problem definition session using manipulable cards to brainstorm, then organize.