about Fred Lakin
Fred Lakin

Fred Lakin once got an MFA in design and decided to build an instrument for text graphic improvisation. So he learned to program, fell in love with LISP, invented a truly visual form of LISP, spent a year as a visitor at the Stanford AI lab, and another year as a visitor in the smalltalk group at Xerox PARC. Then he founded The Performing Graphics Company. Then he worked at Stanford's Center for Design Research and the NASA AI Lab. Now he lives in a cabin in the Santa Cruz mountains and writes novels about Veli's Graphics Bar.


Live Graphics Nightly      fiction

Visual performers are throwing beam on the walls of the 'hood. Amoeba Man, the Mexican Lightning Crew, Sal the Shooter, and Big Ed are all down at Veli's, a funky little graphics bar underneath the freeway in West Oakland. Vizrappers and other real time visual artists have come to make magic on the big screen with a beam of light. Some chase fame, some chase fortune, and some just want the sweet thrill of slinging pixels for a live audience.

Sidecasters      fiction

The kids of vizhood.org are into something new      Sidecasting. On the third Saturday afternoon of each month, a different group of youngsters from vizhood.org puts on a live performing graphics show at Veli's Graphics Bar in West Oakland. The visual band for this Saturday is The Truthing Sidecasters Live Visual Blogging Crew. They're fast, they're good, and they're after the facts. Combine that with local politics and the result is bound to be trouble. And, very entertaining.

Visual Grammars for Visual Languages      non fiction

Visual Communication for Groups meets Text Graphic Computing to spawn visual thoughts, images and code. These are stories of those thoughts, images and code. See Dave the visual agent guided by a Visual Grammar as he intervenes to assist in the stream of human text graphic activty. Watch as Lisp is generalized to become Computing with Text Graphic Forms.