Visual Telefacilitation:

      is an open system framework for increasing the effectiveness of teleconferences
      can be done on any text-graphic telecommunication medium, from FAXes to the Web to Net-shared writing&drawing tools
      is done by a visual telefacilitator operating as a text graphic performer
      creates a text-graphic meeting map which presents the live summarized content of a telemeeting, continuously updated and distributed to all participants in real time
      adds a mediated text-graphic channel to a teleconference, reflecting and complimenting the unmediated audio channel
      produces a powerful synergy between the two channels      the mediated text graphic channel provides a real time frame of reference for the telegroup's discussion taking place using the audio channel

Visual Telefacilitation is an extreme example of structuring information for instant use. VTF combines the agility of a musical performance with on the fly design of text graphic images in order to assist the moment to moment process of a working telegroup.

© 1997, 1999 PGC