how to do VTF


At this point it should have become clear that only three things are really necessary in order to do VTF:
      a telemedium for distributing live text-graphics ...
like the Web, or FAXes
      a fast tool for writing and drawing ...
Web page editor, paper & pencil (audio or audio+video)
      and someone who knows how to use it.
listens carefully and creates a visual meeting map

Each of these requirements can be met in very sophisticated ways at considerable time and expense.

But on the other hand, the beauty of VTF is that the barrier to entry is very low. Useful VTF at the beginning level can be performed using existing technology by a motivated individual after a few days of preparation. All that is necessary to get started is a reliable Web server to host the pages, a good Web page editor, and 10 or 20 hours of practice. (And if you are going the grass roots route, it's even simpler; just substitute FAX machine and paper & pencil for the Web technology).

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