meeting maps


The meeting map is the heart of VTF and the payoff for visual mediation      the map is a live text graphic representation of the telemeeting, designed on the fly by the telefacilitator. Meeting maps have these outstanding characteristics:
      continually updated in real time
Designing on the fly is a never ending job for the telefacilitator!
      not minutes or a transcript
The visual representation of a meeting can take place at different levels:
      meeting map   <- we are here
      high level text graphic summary of the meeting
The meeting map is designed for rapid scanning so that it can be referred to in the heat of a meeting; in other words, it is ...
      complete enough to be useful and concise enough to be quickly comprehended by the participants
Obviously this is a fine line which the skilled facilitator dances with balance, and dance it he/she must, for exactly here is the structuring of information for instant use by telegroups! To do this dance effectively calls for clarity and synopsis; toward this end the facilitator uses graphic devices from maps to help organize the display.
      employ graphic devices from maps
Devices like spatial arrangement of text, variation in fonts, line networks, small sketches

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