essence of VTF


      Visual Telefacilitation is not hardware or software
      Visual Telefacilitation is a way of using hardware and software to assist the group communication process
      Visual Telefacilitation is an attitude held by a person in a defined social role ...

It may sound odd to say that visual telefacilitation is an attitude, but in fact that gets at the essence of VTF as performance. All educated people already possess the raw skills necessary to be facilitators      listening and writing and maybe a little drawing      so the real heart of facilitation is a change in attitude, a new orientation to use those old skills in a new way ...

      assumes the "facilitative stance"
      assists group communication
      facilitates the telegroup process by generating a text graphic meeting map in real-time

First and foremost the visual facilitator takes the "facilitative stance", an attitude of service to assist the group's communication.

He or she performs this service by assuming an unusual role and becoming a medium for the group.

Acting as their "visual medium," this individual facilitates the group's communication process by generating a text graphic meeting map ... not once, but continually, in real time.

It is the job of the Visual Telefacilitator to augment and compliment the group communication process taking place on the audio channel. He or she does this by making another channel available to them concurrently      a high resolution text graphic channel presenting a live summary of the audio channel, i.e. the meeting map.

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