WCL 3.0 - Embeddable Common Lisp for Linux   by Wade Hennessey

Common Lisp implementations for Unix have traditionally provided a rich development environment at the expense of an inefficient delivery environment. The goal of WCL is to allow hundreds of Lisp applications to be realistically available at once, while allowing many of them to run concurrently. WCL accomplishes this by providing Common Lisp as a Unix shared library that can be linked with Lisp and C code to produce efficient applications. For example, the executable for a Lisp version of the canonical ``Hello World!'' program requires only 20k bytes.

Real Time Garbage Collector WCL now works with RTGC, a fully concurrent garbage collector. RTGC was tested by having WCL recompile itself. RTGC did 2069 concurrent garbage collects in the 16 seconds it took to recompile all of WCL.

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Paper on WCL from the 1992 LISP & Functional Programming conference : download pdf;   view abstract

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